June 18, 2013

the HP Mobile Authentication service

HP users can now have security in buying toners and cartridges to use with the new Mobile Authentication app which can be stored to their phones. smartphones will be able to scan the QR code present in the packaging of the toners and cartridges. those who do not have a smartphone can also authenticate the product by entering the numeric code on the stickers to the website hp.com/go/ok.

How does the mobile authentication feature work?
To use HP Mobile Authentication, customers should perform the following steps:

1. Visually check the label. The new HP Mobile Authentication label features holographic image-shifting properties in addition to the QR code.
Customers should perform the following steps to visually verify that the label is valid:

•Tilt box front to back to see ‘OK’ and ‘’ move in opposite directions.
•Tilt box right to left to see ‘OK’ and ‘’ move in the same direction.

2. If the package includes a new Mobile Authentication label, a smartphone QR code reader can capture the security code.
3. View the response from HP.
(1) The HP Mobile Authentication QR code may be read with any standard QR code reader or with the reader included with the HP eSupplies app for iPhone available at the iTunes App Store.
(2) The HP Mobile Authentication program is available only with security labels that feature the QR code.

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