June 12, 2013

MAN OF STEEL movie review

opening June 12 in the Philippines, Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan's MAN OF STEEL takes on their independent attack on how we knew about Superman. Warner Bros. Pictures must be very happy that most cinemas go with the hype of this much awaited movie this year. but as much of the expectations that i had when seeing the trailers, i think that the movie gave a different storyline on how we knew Clark and Superman.
of course starting with his birth at Krypton, we are told of the backstory of the technological advancement of the planet before its destruction. arriving on Earth, the young man discovers his extraordinary skills that would later on give hope to the earthlings from the annihilation of the people coming from his own planet. the movie on special effects is well done, making everything super at its execution. we are reintroduced to the alien existence of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) in the world and how he has evolved and adapted to the nature the earth has.
but this movie i think didn't do much loyalty on how we know the story of Superman supposed to be. there is an awkward feeling you'll see him working already with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) on the earlier part when he is searching for clues of his existence then at the end, he just applied for a job position at the Daily Planet. confusing right?

Superman's new costume is all right but it doesn't seem to be very look very close to the Krptonians' attire in their own planet. it's like "Kal, wear this, people will love you in it" kind of thing. i was assuming that the fabric texture of his suit will give him more incredible power or even justify why he is bullet-proof. but nothing.

you'll have a new-branded Lois Lane in today's Superman movie. instead of a damsel-in-distress-kind of woman that Clark / Superman would be always chasing troubles out of, she is now a reformed character. more adventurous, and a new diplomat between humans and Kryptonians. talk about women-empowerment.
major characters in Clark Kent's life are not left out. Lana Lang will be part of this during his Smallville days. Lexcorp will also get a cameo somewhere before the end of the chaotic fights. if you want to enjoy Man of Steel, go ahead and enjoy the great effects that this movie has. Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder definitely succeeds in giving us a new feel of the superhero.

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