November 24, 2012


a whole new experience for the whole family, Dreamwork's RISE OF THE GUARDIANS takes you on another level of imagination and belief. kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy the adventure of the characters we fell in love before bedtime starting November 28 in cinemas in 3D and IMAX formats.
North (Santa Claus), saw a vision that a great danger is underway to the children of the world. thus summoning Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman to protect the children and their happiness. and their own guardian, the moon, a metaphor for great power guiding upon them hails another guardian, Jack Frost, who is very stubborn and doesn't believe that he is a guardian himself.
the guardians get their power from children who believe in them. and Pitch wants to take all children's dreams and turn them into nightmares for his domination all over the world. and our guardians' mission is to reverse this helping each other and bring back the imagination to all children. but as for Jack Frost, he searches for his purpose in making the world a happier place despite the troubles he makes.

in the depiction of Dreamworks' RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, we are told about the different legends of the characters. like how Santa lives in the North Pole, living with elves who makes his gifts, and one thing we don't know is that the yetis are joining them for Christmas preparations. and how he implements quality assurance on these gifts that makes it very funny.
the Tooth Fairy, on the other hand, reigns in the kingdom where they keep all children's memories with every tooth they lose. you will also like the Easter Bunny's presence with the eggs, and Sandman's magical power.

we are all in a surprise of children's imaginations. the power of how it can change things. the very delightful treat for the eyes and heart of the family and that believing on yourself and finding your purpose.

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