November 22, 2012


when you think you know baseball, TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE will show you how experience teaches a lot of lessons. in this movie by Warner Bros., Clint Eastwood who plays Gus scouts for baseball players despite his sight problems. his daughter Mickey, played by Amy Adams, helps him to do so but past experiences detach the girl from her father.
the movie not only teaches us about baseball but also to prepare for our twilight years. as Gus is the best man for the job, the new blood is slowly eliminating him to achiever their personal goals. but as Gus' love for baseball, the old man cannot cope up with the demands as his health depreciates starting with the eyesight -- which is very vital for recruiting the next players. this is where Mickey comes in. though very aggressive to help her father, Gus is still over protective of her as to how to deal with the guys. she also has some "issues" with her father that's why she feels very unattached though obligated to help him. along the way, she meets this another baseball enthusiast, Johnny (Justin Timberlake), who's in the same objective as they have.
at least they learn to resolve the issues at the same time they had found the right guy for the post. Gus, Mickey and so with Johnny found each of what they're lacking with each other. in this sense, the best thing for the job you'll like to accomplish would be standing right beside you. it's important to notice the people around you so that you will have the best time ever.

this movie is another revelation for Justin Timberlake's acting skills for me. with his high-recommendable performance in The Social Network, i can say that this man has talent. acting as Johnny makes him very effective for Mickey and he and Amy Adams have a cute chemistry on screen. the movie is properly cast.

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