May 18, 2012

JESSICA and PHILLIP on AI 11 Finale!

one step away to the next American Idol and Joshua Ledet will be going home. that's a shocking news that i got over the internet and i was very excited to know that my root Jessica Sanchez will be in the finals! she is joined by Phillip Phillips in the final battle for the next American Idol!
who gets the title, who is the greatest shocker, who were the worst auditions with big performances. i can't wait for the songs they will be performing. i just hope Jessica will win all the rounds of the competition. thank God for the judges for not letting her go when she was almost eliminated! advantage for Phillip, he never gets in the bottom three and those ladies who like him for his charisma. if you want real talent to be the next American Idol, VOTE FOR JESSICA!

so mark the date, May 23 and 24 for the live telecast of the season finale. await big surprises from guests during the show only on FOX. 

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