May 17, 2012

DINIG SANA KITA movie review

the Asian Film Festival not only aims to create understanding about different regional cultures, but to educate as well on how we can accept something that is not normal for us. in the first film offered during the festival, i was moved by the affection of Dinig Sana Kita, a film featuring the love story of a rocker girl and a deaf boy making us realize that we may and we should be very thankful of what comes our way.
Kiko (Romalito Mallari) meets Niña (Zoe Sandejas) in a camp in Baguio where Niña was asked to live with those who can't hear. despite their opposites, they learned to live normally in the presence of each other. they eventually knew each other deeper through a common interest which is music and that they turn out helping with each other's personal problems.

communication has also been addressed to be the very essential in each relationship. both had to make way in order to understand what they want to say. and an actor like Romalito Mallari, which is an actual deaf, gave the expressive feelings and actions that you may feel for yourself if you're in the position. subtitles are helpful and also you will be taught of some simple sign language that you can use everyday.
i was wiping my tears literally as i've been moved by the story and felt pity for the disabled. some of them may not want to be treated as they were imbeciles and would like to live a normal life. the messages of this movie are strong, projected in sign language and music.

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