May 29, 2012

GONE movie review

Amanda Seyfried (Jill) is off to rescue her missing sister from the violence of the same person who kidnapped her two years ago. and no one is trying to believe her stories and deriving her mental illness from the trauma. the movie GONE by Lakeshore Entertainment tells us more of the story in this triller-drama.
after being abducted by an unknown person without any reason, Jill investigates the patterns of similar killings in her hometown. since, she arms herself and protected not just her but everyone around her especially sister, Molly (Emily Wickersham). unknowingly, while she was out for her, Molly has been abducted and suspected that it was the same person. Jill proceeds to the police and as they didn't believe her, she initiated her own actions tracing the whereabouts of the guy. as much as somebody would like to help her, still she trusts nobody as the initial reaction of the police to the situation.
excitement rises as she figures out the tracks of the killer and it was very intelligent of her to make up stories to hide her intention to the people who almost got hitched in the crime. i almost predicted that what if Molly was a product of her illusion since she was diagnosed of mental illness; what if that her kidnapping was also a heightened imagination. no one believes her until she solved it herself, complete with evidence. she has been also chased by the people she was asking for help, waiting to bring her in jail.

it really got me to focus on the development of the story but her investigative skills were really simple for an insistent individual. i don't remember if i had seen a movie of similar treatment but it was just ok.

GONE starring Amanda Seyfried will be in SM Cinemas starting May 30, 2012. distributed by Pioneer Films in the Philippines.

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