May 27, 2012

keeping it cool on #iBlog8

the 8th Philippine Blogging Summit, also known as iBlog 8, refreshed me with knowledge in blogging. technical points and even insights on why we blog had struck newbies and iBlog loyal participants alike. i did enjoy the talks in the two days of the summit and it got even more relevant when 2 people talked about the how blogging is another window to your soul; moreso of how you make yourself in the community.

i was the timer during the two days, May 25 and 26, which happened at the UP College of Law in Quezon City. that's even why i got more focused on the talks unlike the previous years that i attended when i was just there to show up. i must say that i got more informed and that blogging techniques was just simple. i just had to devote my time more if i want to get more. but what more interest everybody is those talks that talk about attitude and character. please, let's all admit that we were committing the same mistakes and that we also bully other people. no body is clean enough unless you realize your own fault.

i would just like to let out this story that i had experienced yesterday. it was just about the end of the summit and without all the fuzz, i volunteered myself to do some easy stuff to help the organizers. in order to organize things especially during the raffle of a race event, i did my job to collect all the raffled participants. i collected the contact details and all, the sponsor was also beside me to assist. until this one winner requesting me that instead of the race kit, this person wants to have a t-shirt instead. i hope i was cheerful enough to accommodate her request that i consulted the hosts and even the head of the project if the request is possible. but they didn't allow it. i said sorry that we won't be able to give it, however, i suggested to register and give the race category and size of the person whom he/she wants to run in his/her behalf. but this person bursted out "BUT YOU DIDN'T TELL THEM THAT I WAS INCAPABLE OF RUNNING!" i got moved away, still smiling, transferring this person to the heads of the event, and continued to accommodate the other raffle winners of the race.

many saw the incident, and comforted me instead. it was very unfortunate, yes, but i hope that there should be a lesson to this. i also hope that this person realizes that there are people who are just doing their job, not to abuse their power as guest and maximizing all your priviledges. i don't know who you are and i am doing my best to do my job. i hope you listened to the talks and not like me in the previous years whose only reason of attending the event is to show up. you could have said it in the nice way that maybe you are in a condition why you can't run; not assuming me that i know everything about you. you don't just step into a door, getting yourself with all the priviledges you can have. a raffle is a raffle, i've made my suggestions. and i hope you listened to the talks earlier. if you demand that i should be more sensitive about you, i am not asking you to be sensitive of what i am. i just need you to understand the people around you.

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