May 30, 2012


the new retelling of the story of Snow White & the Huntsman is darkest adaptation i've seen so far. with the enchantment by its evil queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and the new character approach with Snow White (Kristen Stewart) as a braver princess, you will get more interested.
Charlize Theron plays effectively as the evil queen and she is the most enchanting i've ever seen. the make up and visual effects on her aging and magic is more interesting than Julia Roberts' Mirror Mirror. in contrast to it, the attack is more threatening while Julia's inclines in the humorous queen. you can sense her powerful aura in her very regal and luring beauty which she makes perfect in the role.
given Kristen Stewart, the movie really has its Twilight taste. you can actually remember different movies in the production. sets for one is like Lord of the Rings. but there more magical twists happened different as told by Walt Disney and how we grew up on it.

Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman), i realized was unnamed at this movie. and his role was upgraded but the script insisted that he will fall in love with Snow White. good thing that Kristen Stewart gave justice to her role unlike what was perceived from the promotions that this was Charlize Theron's movie. this was another character that story tellers might want to do with Snow White aside from being a damsel in distress. i just don't know why fairy tale stories these days get darker. what do they want the new kids to think about imaginations?
Snow White & the Huntsman will take over Philippine theaters starting June 1. distributed by Solar Entertainment. directed by Rupert Sanders under Universal Pictures.

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