February 28, 2012

I'm a LORAX buddy

i was straddling along Promenade in Greenhills. wasting time waiting for a show to start. it seemed like i was looking for something until i found myself in Powerbooks. entering the bookstore was a showcase of good reads. atlases, novels, story books and even journals. there are also quite of colorful comics and books for the children.

but still i didn't know what i was searching for. i got out of Powerbooks, a little walk and i found a fluffy orange creature sending the cheers to everyone passing by it.

me and THE LORAX!
i found the Lorax and i got more intrigued to see it on the screens. other than that cute, fluffy, orange creature, it was also developed by Dr. Seuss -- the sensible author that gives life advises through a subliminal approach on children stories, teaching very important lessons in life.

the Lorax is about the story of a lovable protector of the environment. maintaining its job, he should stop the Once-ler chopping down a Truffula tree for some urban progress. this tree is also searched by Ted to give to his love of his life, Audrey.
Danny Devito lends his voice as the Lorax. joining him are Zac Efron (Ted) and Taylor Swift (Audrey) to share the story that will open our eyes on the bigger important of nature to human and other nature existence.

Danny Devito as the Lorax
catch The Lorax on theaters starting March 14, 2012. it is also available in 3D format brought to us by Universal Pictures and distributed in the Philippines by Solar Entertainment.

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