February 28, 2012

Ateneo BlueRep's BARE: A POP OPERA review

Ateneo Blue Repertory makes their debut show outside of the campus with the 2012 rendition of Bare: A Pop Opera at Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan City. the show runs from March 1 - 10, 2012 with 3PM and 7PM shows. this is directed by Ana Abad Santos based on the book by Jon Hartmere, Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo.
this is a story of 2 students, Jason and Peter, who are closet lovers inside a Catholic school. Peter (Bibo Reyes) may have wanted to get out of the open but Jason (Jaime Barcelon) stops him from doing so. alone, they do what they have to do -- express their love to each other. Jason really loves Peter but he struggles to protect his manly image. he is chased by girls and he doesn't want to disappoint his parents.

Bibo Reyes (Peter) and Jaime Barcelon(Jason)
to cut the story short, everything will be out in the open. with proper timing and acceptance of themselves, things will eventually work out right.

if you're going to watch the musical, the ensemble is good and there's a quite good set-up on the stage. cathedral-like, giving you the idea of Catholicism and being dogmatic of these types of schools. quite contrary to what's happening on our characters, where this kind of relationships happen. Ateneo, a known Catholic school in the Philippines, had embraced on this reality and i think it's a good decision to give BlueRep the liberty in choosing their productions and their students as well. substance comes first, if i may put it that way.
the songs are also nice. and you have to watch our for Sr. Chantelle and the Virgin Mary. Rem Zamora is powerful! his characters burst out the best lines i heard in the musical. praise be to him!

our main characters, Bibo and Jaime also did well. though i cannot find much of that chemistry portraying the lovers Peter and Jason. they can sing and act all right, however i think passion and engagement between them should be improved. Ivy (Maronne Cruz) and Fat Nadia (Cassie Manalastas) are also two ladies that can give out their character well.

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