February 29, 2012


fans of Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay are in for a scare in the upcoming movie, Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang. the movie is set to give way to Filipino fiction and will open on March 14 2012 in theaters nationwide.
the movie is about a couple who lives in a very simple area far from modernization and other signs of civilization. in a very desperate time, Corazon (Erich Gonzales) had turned back from God and sold herself to evil. thus, making all the horrors of revenge to people around them. Daniel (Derek Ramsay) makes his way to protect his feelings to Corazon despite what had happened to her. this will also expose viewers of what Filipinos believe in older times -- tiyanak, tikbalangs and the like.

Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay
shot in Baras, Rizal, director Richard Somes also narrated that Corazon and Daniel's home were just made from scratch and the story was inspired by different folklores in the Philippines. he himself almost believed in the existence of such creatures which were not really believed today.

the movie is intentionally dark. as what the director has said but to give justice in the despair of our lead characters. he even regarded the good acting skills by his stars, Erich and Derek, being professional and executes their roles well.
a tale of contrasting feelings and beliefs await audiences and fans of Erich Gonzales and Derek Ramsay in the premiere of their latest movie, Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang. filmed by Skylight Films, a new movie arm of ABS-CBN, coming March 14, 2012 in theaters nationwide.

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