February 28, 2012


reading some online reviews agree to my sentiments on the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. starring Thomas Horn (Oskar Schell), Sandra Bullock (Linda Schell) and Tom Hanks (Thomas Schell) who are based in New York in the time of a terrorist attack.
the movie is adapted from a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer of the same title about a kid who is in search of reconnection to his deceased father. the idea was to solve the mystery of a key he found in the closet of his father. this took his time to search for clues that will make sense of the key. i've noticed that rather than he goes to school everyday, he had developed his ability to lie to the adults around him. parents, don't tolerate this attitude from your kids. in fact, at the time he was really really mad at his mother, i was waiting for Sandra Bullock to give him 2 slaps in the face. the very annoying character failed to get the sympathy from the audience but increased my hate for Oskar. his name is perfect for him -- Oskar the grouch.
what to like in this movie? you have Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, two Academy Award-winning actors who played the parents of Oskar who were very supportive to their kid. you will also be travelling across New York with clues also rising your interest on how he will be able to solve the mystery of the key. well, Oskar may be very diligent and intelligent at the same time, but i just can't stand how he'd speak to adults like that.
catch Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, an Oscar-nominated movie that will be screened in the Philippines starting February 29 2012. brought to us by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Entertainment company.

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