October 20, 2011

STOMP review

i saw the video. and it's a great privilege for me to see it live at the CCP Main Theater. STOMP is a one of a kind show that i shouldn't miss. apart from the usual and traditional instruments in music, STOMP performs in a very experimental, yet entertaining show using common items which can be found anywhere. you house, the garbage, or the construction site. the show runs from October 18 - 23 in a limited 8 shows only.
as i enter the CCP Main Theater, a simple set with pans, water drums, mops, anything resembling a cluttered garage faces the audience. then starting the show is one of them sweeping with a brush mop then others follow. a cool opening number with brushing sound and pounds with the handles creating a nice beat. one other nice thing about the performances is the synchronization of their moves to the beats created and the lighting effects is so awesome.

rather than noise, STOMP brought beats into a whole new appreciation. managing to bring humor and entertainment towards the audience with their acts. you can also see how their bodies have built with all the forces and strength coordinating the moves and creating the beat. my favorite part is a little beat slow but there are tones coming from tubes of different sizes. you will also be engaged to the show when they give you a beginner's guide to STOMP.

we may be at awe with the show at STOMP. but even we Filipinos can do the same show. besides, the streets are also the stage for some show. we can even create sound using leafs.

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