October 26, 2011

PUSS IN BOOTS movie review

before Shrek, there is a one fierce feline with humble beginnings that lives as an outlaw like Robin Hood. his name is Puss and this new movie from Dreamworks Pictures dedicated to Puss in Boots opens in theaters, October 28 in the Philippines. we are taken into a whole new fairy tale history with high-adventure scenes worthy of nine lives.
in this movie, Puss traces his roots on how became an outlaw. making friends with an egg on crack, Humpty Dumpty, may not be the best decision he made in his life. although they were just of the best and only friends on the planet, greed dominated Humpty and made him deceive Puss to steal from the people. and after a long time after his release from jail, his next adventure awaits.

here you will find Puss' alternate, Kitty Southpaw who will be his partner to fulfill their mission. together with Humpty, they will discover a legend of the magic beans guarded by kids then, Jack and Jill who are now notorious bastards after Jack broke his crown. but that's just my theory. magic beans is believed to transport anyone to the giant's castle in the skies.
characters are exceptionally cute. especially when Puss was still a kitten. and showing very-kitty actions. watching it in 3D gets even more exciting because of nice graphics. humor never fades out from the characters especially when you have Antonio Banderas playing Puss in Boots.

see Puss in Boots in theaters starting October 28.

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