November 7, 2011


from the whopping 5 awards in the Cinemalaya 2011 -- including Best Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Director -- Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) now vies for the biggest award for a foreign movie, the Academy Awards. increase its potential to be included in the nominees and take pride in the Filipino talent of film making.
any genre almost fit in a 90-minute clip. comedy, drama, documentary, musical themes that might just receive an Oscar. educational too, learn Acting 101 with the Best Actress Eugene Domingo. joining her taking lessons in experience are JM De Guzman, Kean Cipriano and Cai Cortez.

this movie, not just as played by Eugene Domingo, has a lot of factors to consider. let her tell you why in this full trailer:

vote for Ang Babae sa Septic Tank at the Oscars. let the world know how it can cross the barriers of independent film making to the mainstream. we know that audiences are getting more and more intelligent in choosing a very good movie. when i saw it, i was very amused in the script and the acting abilities of her co-stars. giggled how Cai managed to be in the movie without saying anything. PETA for the musical number, and with special participation of Cherry Pie Picache and Mercedes Cabral.

this also opens the view of the audience on how to create an independent film. ups and lows but all for the fun and love it. if you have missed it, watch out for another release.

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