October 14, 2010

NetSuite localizes program for Philippine users

NetSuite has become the leading software for business solutions and now it has made a localized version of the program for easy usage for all Filipino businesses. A consolidated program for business functions can now be accessed through the internet. All you need is a PC and an internet connection and you can now track records of your business in NetSuite.com/NetSuitePH.

NetSuite simplifies the business data access in one program from a hairball setting. hairballs create errors and delays in transactions. Also, you can track Finance and Accounting management tab of your account to monitor all transaction cycles. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relations Management) data can also be accessed in NetSuite so you don't have to spend a lot of money in hiring consultants and people.

Software issues were raised in the press conference held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel on October 14, 2010. According to NetSuite President and CEO, Zach Nelson, the software is guaranteed safe from hacks and viruses after its long study. the software is customized for Philippine business setting. Multinational companies like Jollibee and ICF@FEU has been using it for years and has minimized expenses and they have set their goals faster than ever. Cost for operations and IT expenses have been minimized by up to 75%. The NetSuite is tested for its efficiency and speed without worrying on the data.

ICF@FEU has used NetSuite in their academic and administrative tasks. People from the administration can look out for the operational tasks and also students can check on their grades wherever they are. The NetSuite program is also mobile and can be accessed even on iPhone browsers, all you need is an internet connection.

Business cloud computing in NetSuite Philippines has no issues with the BIR regulations. all transactions are designed with the BIR transaction assignments that will not confuse with other money cycles and tax management. With a special feature inside the NetSuite, you can process your ITR forms and print it straight from your PC when you need it for BIR requirements.

Aside from the data for your business inside the NetSuite page, you can also insert other RSS feeds so you can get an update in the news, weather conditions, etc. Graphic presentations can also be understood in the NetSuite so you can track the growth of your business from time to time.

Since some Philippines go international, language barriers is not an issue with NetSuite. Like social networking sites, NetSuite has a translation function that changes the language them from international English to the native tongue. So if you have colleagues in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia or China, they can also monitor your business.

Try out NetSuite program. This is also can be used by SMEs. They can have a comprehensive list of data to check on the operations like warehousing, supply management, in-house transactions and deliveries. Customer service is also manageable with the NetSuite program. Globalization is at hand with NetSuite.

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