October 14, 2010

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT movie review

how would two wrong blind date victims end up getting it right? being drawn closer together by a baby? and they have no idea that after they cursed each other, they became one?

that is how we know it, or LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. the newest romantic comedy from Warner Bros. starring Katherine Heigl (Holly) and Josh Duhamel (Messer), the unlikely couple set up by their best friends. but due to an unfortunate event, they are left with a child, Sophie.

Sophie is the cutest thing. as well as you see her grow. from how she was pacified, how to make jokes to adults, and how she learns to walk. having a kid might be hard but as long as you know that she/he loves you, your stress is no match.

as a very prompt lady with expectations, Holly might be wrong with Messer. it wasn't true that first impressions last. you just have to learn to see the positive in a person and you will love your life again. stress free, rewarding and you will see your purpose to that person.

Messer could teach you how to swiftly get in the zone with girls. and that's how he captured Holly's attention. and anybody could be a father figure. a kid always know your weak spot. with a job that requires much attention, Messer always know his priorities -- to take care of Sophie and give her the best that she needs.

generally, Holly and Messer make a cute couple. at least they know how to deal with their differences and they learned how to see the good in each other. a lesson that we should all notice and apply in our lives.

opening across the Philippines on Oct. 20, “Life as We Know It” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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