October 18, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom opens EKstreme Tower Ride!

to mark the Crystal Anniversary of the world-class Philippine theme park, Enchanted Kingdom has finally opened the EK EKstreme Tower Ride! a 150-feet tall attraction located in Midway Boardwalk.

Enchanted Kingdom Executives Mario and Cynthia Mamon is joined by Laguna bureaucrats Governor George Ejercito and Maita Ejercito, Mayor of Pagsanjan, to formally open the EKstreme Tower Ride.

get the excitement rising as you elevate 150-feet off the ground, seeing a lot of the Sta.Rosa land in Laguna. then as you reach Eldar the Wizard's hat that sits on top of the tower, hold your breath to a sudden fall. watch the video here:

the ride is visible from the South Luzon Expressway as you pass by Sta. Rosa. almost like the Space Needle but Eldar's Wizard hat sits on top of it. 12 people can sit roundabout the tower and are secured with shoulder shields that lock in when pulled down. additional belt strap in front of you so that the shoulder shields are really secured. reach for Eldar's hat high above as the tower glows at night.

i have tried it and it is hair-raising! the speed of the drop down the tower is about 75km/h which is relatively fast. it feels like you are suspended in mid-air with nothing to protect you. you will surely come back for more! the entrance to EKstreme Tower Ride is sold separately at Php 100 from the admission.

also in line with the 15th Anniversary of EK is the display of fireworks for the Asia Sky Wizardry competition. Asian countries compete for the best pyro display in the skies of Enchanted Kingdom. this has started on October 2 2010 and will have the finals next week already on October 23. see this rare attraction at Space Port area. last night, 2 competitors enthralled everyone with the lights and colors of the fireworks synch-ed in the Enchanted Kingdom theme song:

visit Enchanted Kingdom because the magic still continues for more years.

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