May 26, 2010

SEX AND THE CITY 2 movie review

SEX AND THE CITY 2 continues the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte after two years. also after the "I do's" of Carrie and Big. Miranda and Charlotte goes on dilemma with women careers and Samantha, the same escapades.

sparkle goes to the Middle East! the ladies daze off from New York to Abu Dhabi -- thanks to Samantha Jones' PR deal. the ladies get to enjoy a 7-star hotel treatment and experience the heat at Abu Dhabi. party, luxury and men were on the list of course.

the world stops for the four of them being on the other side of the world. but strange and bad things happen. Carrie had an agreement with Big that led to danger in seeing Aidan; Charlotte and Miranda apparently both suffer motherhood but Samantha gets jailed after hitting the dunes for an Arabia architect.

indeed nothing really matters for all of them. they're soul mates as Samantha would say. each would help any one that gets into trouble and they're always together no matter what.

like the first movie, you'll be in awe of what a girl has been dreaming of. the luxury of getting all that you want in an instant. i just don't get what the Arab ladies' significance in the last part. but still, it's not a boring movie. you'll laugh, might cry and fall in love as what SEX IN THE CITY can offer.

Catch the girls in theaters starting June 2 distributed by Warner Bros.

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  1. i love this show. i hope the movie was great. you made a great post aboutthe summary. more power to your blog

  2. @kcatwoman: thanks for visiting. i enjoyed the movie too but i think the first one is better. :) it is a really fun movie and i hope you'll enjoy it.


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