May 22, 2010


the final chapter in the hilarious fairytale adventure of an ogre in SHREK FOREVER AFTER will leave all fans to laughter.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER gives the story of Shrek who endured the routinary days of fatherhood and being the king of Far Far Away. more over, he had a quarrel with his wife Fiona and lost his temper during the 1st birthday celebration of his kids. with all the tension he had, he wished to have the time of his life, resulting to dealing with Rumpelstiltskin. unknowingly, this dwarf has been envy and following Shrek's life and now found an opportunity to take over the poor ogre's life.

thru a magical contract, Rumpelstiltskin has successfully took Shrek's life and ruled over Far Far Away. Shrek had realized he had been tricked by the dwarf and now Far Far Away is in total disaster. no one knows he existed, even his close friends, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Gingy and wife Fiona. to get things back to order, they figured out that True Love's Kiss should end the magic of everything and all will return as it had been.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER is a hilarious movie but i think the first three installments are funnier. you won't miss characters like Gingy, Puss and Donkey adding to the cuteness of Shrek's and Donkey's kids. i will surely miss this series. and you should have to check it on 3D.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER is released on May 21 by Dreamworks.

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