May 27, 2010


American Idol 9 has just concluded. after 5 months of singing and surprises, America has voted: LEE DEWYZE!

Lee Dewyze, 24, is from Illinois. do you think he looks like Danny Gokey from previous season?

battle for the top spot is with mother from Ohio, Crystal Bowersox. she has been a crowd favorite with her wide musicality and great voice.

Bowersox and Dewyze

Idol's finale highlighted Simon Cowell. the terror judge got the spotlight after his announcement of leaving the show for the next season. a special tribute to Cowell has been presented. with all the fuzz and this special arrangement for Simon, would it be the same for next season? or will there be a next season?

other performances during the finale are by KISS, Hall and Oates, Janet Jackson, BeeGees, Alanis Morrisette, previous Idols, Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard, and previous Idol Judge, Paula Abdul. even wannabe William Hung performs in the finale, LIVE!

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  1. oh I was rooting for Crystal... her number with Alanis Morisette was really fantastic, best performance of the night...Oh really sad about the outcome really.

  2. @survivormuch: my bet is Crystal too. let's see on the charts. hehe


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