November 21, 2009


this is a documentation of a couple in exploring the phenomena that is happening around their house. Katie and Mica, living in California, has been feeling a strange burden inside their house.

Mica and his camera, is very much eager to find and capture the events that are disturbing his fiancee. later on they found out that a demon has been following Katie since she was younger and wants to get her from Mica. a lack of help from spiritual questors and a bad atmosphere occurred between the two that gave the demon the strength to finally get Katie's body.

probably one of the most recommendable scariest films of today. i don't want to scare you or something, but this has given me the greatest goosebumps in a long time. especially when the manifestations of the unknown goes stronger and when you check out the time of its recording.

filmmaking wise, this really looked realistic. how they made the actions, shadows and even the movements made me hide my face with my bag as i watch the movie. if you want to go to sleep, go for another stuff that might amuse you after seeing the movie.

no wonder it won an award from the Scarefest.

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