November 21, 2009

A CHRISTMAS CAROL resounds in the big screen

Walt Disney is bringing us an animated adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol. Jim Carrey stars as the grumpy, old and with no Christmas-spirit, Ebenezer Scrooge -- haunted by three Christmas spirits: Past, Present and Yet to Come.

as the story goes, Ebenezer never celebrated Christmas for he only knows what he wants -- to gain fortune. he worked hard to achieve it and forgotten the time of the year when everyone is merry, regardless of their status in life. he lived this life along with his partner, Marley, who died by the opening of the story. seven Christmas Eves later, the three spirits visited him and showed him his past Christmas experiences, what was happening on the day he lives, and what would happen after.

of course Scrooge was scared the time the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come showed him the series of events happening in the future. this he realized that no one truly cared about him and the bad effects which he should have helped during the time he lived. he changed his behavior when he woke up and lived a happy, festive Christmas time.

Robert Zemeckis did an excellent job doing the movie. but you watch the movie as it is, it might not be appreciated by children in general. the deep sense of the story might leave children asking how and why. the story is a little bit on a very serious tone.

the movie can also be seen in 3D IMAX theaters. if you want to catch it, it will be showing on December 2.

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