November 19, 2009

NINJA ASSASSIN movie review

this movie is not for the weak-hearted. you might able to see a lot of blood squirts, limbs sliced and thrown everywhere. even internal organs floating in mid-air will surely make you cover your faces and disgust the scene. it's Gore-fest, it's good! you better be thankful that this was not shown in 3D because the images are so sharp, not to mention the shuriken blades flying and killing people.

effortless acting too by Asian superstar, Rain, who happens to start his Hollywood career with Speed Racer. though ninja characters often are too serious and monotonous, this ninja has got feelings that why he opposed and left his clan. you might praise him for giving a swift exhibition of martial arts and you can notice that he really did a tedious workout and training for this movie.

the movie is primarily more focused on the visuals than of the story. i've felt somehow that some scenes are not really needed in the overall. stunts and other effects are really made awesome.

notebook won by Yapatoots, signed by Rain himself

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