September 23, 2008

Blog Event of the Month: it's good to be lactose-intolerant

I've just received this PM from one of my officemates:
Hi friends, the ff items have been recalled due to China's milk situation. M&M's, Snickers, Mentos, yoghurt bottle, Dove Choc, Oreo, wafer sticks, Monmilk, Dutchlady sterilized milk, Wall's all natural mango, Mini Poppers ice cream, Magnum ice cream, Moo sandwich ice cream, Mini Cornetto, can ice cream. weve been asked by AVA 2 remove them from our stores. if you have any of these items in ur house dont eat them.this is real. please pass.
If you happen to possess these goods on your ref, too bad you have to throw them until there's further announcement from the BFAD. But isn't these products produced somewhere than China? hmmm... It's sometimes a nice thing that you're lactose-intolerant like Leonard from the Big Bang Theory.


  1. Gahah, ang bilis mo naman, na blog mo na 'to. (Sino ang bored at walang trabaho?) Anyway, kelangan ko lang sabihin, super excited for BBT Season 2. Woooop wooooop!!!

  2. onga excite na rin ako. wanna got hooked again on those geeky stuff and language kahit dko maintindihan.


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