September 23, 2008

Survivor Philippines: And then there was light

it's Day 4 at Koh Tarutao and Chev has been out of the game. the remaining 8 members of the Naak tribe and Jarakay still consisting of 9 members meet again for another reward challenge. both teams are struggling for warm food and Paolo Bediones has an important gift in store for them: fire. a flint, a tool for making fire, has been presented and demonstrated to the tribes. and the challenge started.

since Naak is outnumbered by 1, Jarakay left one member of them to equal the manpower for the game.

Naak and Jarakay almost came head to head to win the challenge. Naak struggled with the first task of rowing to the lotus torches due to the conflicts between Kiko and Cris. also with the second task where they have to dive under to untie ropes to release the wood planks. However, Jarakay leads and eventually won the challenge.

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