August 29, 2008

Death along the river

It was a rainy evening. I was walking with my friends Darren, Rina, and Morris from Riverbanks alongside the river of Marikina. We don't usually walk from there to the Riverpark because of the great distance. But it was surely a stress-reliever and we get to chat along the way.

The trail was not as developed as today. It was a bamboo forest and all we hear are crickets, flowing water and little breeze but I tell you it is not a cozy one. Instead, we tell spooky stories to scare ourselves but we all laugh when someone spills a joke on it. To make ourselves feel that there's nothing to be scared about.

We tripped, climbed, somehow slipped, and we helped each other to pass the trail. The rain poured harder but we don't have any umbrella to cover us. So we let ourselves get wet and then went under a shade when we found one. When it calmed down, we managed to continue walking until we reached the end of it.

At the exit, we are still scaring the heck out of us and I was also calmed when we see people walking at the exit. Suddenly a scythe appeared on my site. The image completed when I saw DEATH in person. The scare in me grew stronger as I thought as I was the only one seeing it. It came closer and closer. Then I screamed at the top of my voice, "Morris!" I went at the back of my friends as we pass him.

They are looking at me clueless and they told me it was a just man in costume. TOINK!

Until now I remember this story and it was the object of laughter of my friends when Halloween arrives.

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