March 21, 2018


30 years following the death and resurrection of Christ, Emperor Nero of Rome has sent off Roman soldiers to capture Christians most especially the apostles to stop the spread of Christianity throughout the land. Saul, now known Paul, was captured and in an attempt to be rescued by Luke, a movie is chronicled on Paul's wisdom and teachings on love and Christianity.
Paul, Apostle of Christ gives us a chapter on the Book of Acts in the New Testament. Under the reign of Emperor Nero of Rome, we see the brutal and heartless treatment of the empire to those who profess their faith in Christ. It is amazing to hear familiar verses like 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 as Luke and Paul talk in prison.
The drama might be lengthy but it is full of lessons that you can use in life. Understanding that the path to heaven is a difficult way but we believe that there's light at the end of darkness. Following the ways of Jesus, we will be experiencing suffering before we see His glory.

This film stars Jim Caviezel as Luke, gaining his popularity in faith-based films following The Passion of the Christ, French actor Olivier Martinez as Mauritius Gallas and Game of Thrones, Alumnus James Faulkner in the titular role.

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