March 24, 2018

READY PLAYER ONE movie review

A total nostalgic experience set in the future is Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, showing in cinemas starting March 31. Childhood video game and pop culture memories come to life but this makes you feel really old.
Timeline is at 2047 when a game called the Oasis was at the peak of its performance and would be an economic foundation for people like Wade Watts. Making the Oasis the definite escape from the real world, Wade and everyone else discovers the goal to a fortune that a required adventure will not be easy for them and may cost them their life.

I say that this movie makes you really old because of the references it has that came from video games that were around 30-40 years ago. Music and movies also played a vital role that shaped the generation that could easily recognize the imagery that Ready Player One has. Steven Spielberg has developed a great adaptation of the book by Ernest Cline and brings so much nostalgia to everyone that are watching it. Spot your favorite thing around 30 years ago and you can easily relate to it.
It also puts you to agree that you should not believe everything you see online. One big example is using an avatar that you might fall prey for when you give so much information to. It kind of slaps you to wake up to a better view of reality that people might also be hiding their own problems in their avatars and try to impress or retaliate to their problems by excelling in the game.

Ready Player One opens in cinemas starting March 31 and best viewed in IMAX.

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