March 25, 2018


From 2015's blockbuster Pacific Rim, comes a sequel that I am not sure that we really needed it or not.
But for new viewers like me that wasn't able to catch the first movie, I'd say that Pacific Rim Uprising is beginning to be a Michael Bay Transformers franchise in the making. With the high CGI visuals less Michael Bay explosives that Pacific Rim has, in fairness to the latter is that the story picks up from the former movie. A good refresher for everyone who are eager to watch Jaeger robots battling Kaijus. Also the "uprising" was only made by a single person. How can they make Charlie Day into an antagonist?
I am not a fan of epic speeches but I think Scott Eastwood has the most natural acting in the whole movie. Maybe that's why I didn't watch the first part either. For John Boyega and Cailee Spaeny, the partnership may have worked better. I just don't get the connection.
You might be wondering if there will still be Filipino pride inside the movie. Well, Manila has a good airtime long enough to be noticed.

If you really like Pacific Rim and would not agree to this review, you can watch Pacific Rim Uprising starting on March 31.
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