March 30, 2018

A Series of Unfortunate Events returns today!

Netflix's Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events returns to a new season, sadly. The series chronicles the life of the Baudelaire children and how Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) tries to get their great inheritance.
Guardian after guardian, the Baudelaires were fortunate enough, sort of, to escape Count Olaf and his devious ways to get their fortune. What more could possibly go wrong this season? Here's the trailer if you don't dare look away:
Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events is a good mixture of comedy and adventure that you Neflix fans are looking for. Below are 7 reasons why we should stream today.

The return of Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) as a master of disguise and there will be more this season.

The children can still manage themselves from Count Olaf and his minions.

The missing Quagmire orphan and the connecting spyglass has got us very curious and why do they have the same fate as the Baudelaires.

The humor. It is intentional to have over-the-top humor since it's based on reality. There’s plenty of silliness and sarcasm to go around in this darkly comedic mystery that almost everyone gets to be funny -- yes, even the (not so) little (anymore) Sunny Baudelaire.

New sets. The Baudelaires could be in more places than usual. They may be finding new clues solving the mystery of their deceased parents.
The guests artists. This season includes (but are not limited to) Lucy Punch, Sara Rue, Tony Hale, Robbie Amell, David Alan Grier, and Nathan Fillion.

New adventures. Now that the Baudelaires are smarter and more experienced in Count Olaf’s ways, the action is more suspenseful and intense. The new season is based on books five through nine of the novel series: The Austere Academy, The Ersatz Elevator, The Vile Village, The Hostile Hospital, and The Carnivorous Carnival.

Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, Presley Smith, Patrick Warburton and K. Todd Freeman (among others) return for season two. New additions to the cast include (but are not limited to) Lucy Punch, Nathan Fillion, Tony Hale, Robbie Amell, Sara Rue, Roger Bart and David Alan Grier. Featuring ten cinematic one-hour episodes, season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events launches globally Friday, March 30, on Netflix.

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