April 4, 2018

A QUIET PLACE movie review

If you are not fond of silent movies, you will love how genius A Quiet Place is. This thriller with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt gets you still in your seats and will have you motionless for about 95 minutes throughout the duration of the movie.
These are the reasons why this brilliant picture should be watched by thrill seekers:

1. The deafening silence is riveting. From the beginning of the movie up to its end, you will be in a quiet setting that you won't dare make a sound.
2. You are not safe with a small movement or a shriek from your seat. It is also very much advisable for you to turn off your cellphone or into airplane mode so any sound will not

3. Demogorgons and aliens combined. Stranger Things and Aliens movie fans can clearly see what I am talking about when they see the movie starting April 11.
4. Everybody is in unison with their reactions to what's happening in the movie. Simple shots and events in the lives of the Abbotts introduce danger that would give the same reaction to the faces of each viewer.

5. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are quiet great parents.
6. This movie would be a great video game franchise including the story background. Just like Sims only scarier and intense, dark and exciting.

See A Quiet Place and #StayQuiet in cinemas starting April 11.

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