February 21, 2008

since February pa naman...

Though it was late from V-day (anu nga ulit yun?), we can't stop all people who still gets emotional. Some people may find it "baduy" but would you think na nakaka-flatter when someone tells you these lines?

I was listening to Tambalan this morning and nicole shared a very "kakakurot" line from Maging Sino Ka Man.
I love you beyond words.
- JB to Celine, Maging Sino Ka Man
And while I was doing my project yesterday, I subtitled a couple of lines that maybe would flatter all ladies to the max. I hope I can say these too to someone in the future... Naks!
And I want to close
with this reality that I've learned.

My wife and I have been married
for 38 years. Been together.

And we are growing
and have our children.

When we got married,
I had a lot of reasons to love her
and to marry her.

Then I understood
that when you have reasons,
you have conditions.

And what happens
when those conditions are not met?

Do you stop loving?

And after these years
that we spent together,
I can say that I love her.

But I've gotten rid of all my reasons.
I just love her for no reason.

-Pastor AR Bernard, host Praise the Lord, Feb. 11 2008

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