February 19, 2008

shoes, i choose you!

i was wondering what to buy from my Mizuno GCs that i got from the food tour photo contest. can you help me out? i don't know what to choose from these gorgeous pairs! yung sporty pero maganda din pang-japorms.

Futbol Sala IN - Php 2295

Objectivo As - Php 1950

Objectivo In - Php 1950

Sya nga pala, sa mga meron nang Mizuno shoes, matibay ba?


  1. the black futbol sala looks nice.

  2. yeah i think so. but i have bought another pair. its the same futbol sala but the color is yellow. ;) available black futbol sala doesn't fit my size. :(

  3. Uy congrats! Hehe. I guess nakabili ka na.. pero ssbhin ko p rin na gusto ko ung Objectivo na yellow.. Wala lang. Wehehe. ^_^

  4. kringle thanks thanks. Nakabili n nga ako. Hulaan nyo!!!


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