February 21, 2008

things not to say during a party:

from the Morning Rush Top 10 dated Feb 14 2008. hindi pa pino-post ni chico yung mga sleazy entries from joe shred. we're waiting... but first i wanna share these with you.

gimger - hi, i dont like dating very much. cause you know,
most girls dont wanna have sex on the first date.

billy - are you a piece of wood? cause i wanna nail you.

joltino - are you a quiz? cause i wanna cheat on you.

kamukamo - hay, grabe ang pretty-pretty mo. kamukha mo misis ko.

joe shred - can i buy you a drink or do you prefer money?

joltino - miss, are you a pokemon? cause i choose you.

humdinger - miss, pag pinagsama mo ba ang ikaw at ako, magiging tayo?

btringe - wow, you'd look great as an ex.

loi pogi - i love every bone in your body, especially mine.

joe shred - im an organ-donor. need anything?

motzarella - hi, what's your color? cause mine's really red right now.

spyshadow - magaling sa trigonometry ano? kasi kahit anong angle ang pretty mo.

primadonna - sir, lamesa ka ba? pwede pumatong?

kites - kaya pala kayo single e, ampapangit nyo!

loi pogi - hi wanna swap DNA?
- hi im here now, so what are your other two wishes?

joe shred - how do you like your eggs? fried, scrambled, or fertilized?
- excuse me miss, do you have antihistamines? cause im experiencing
some swelling right now.

humdinger - i feel so ugly right now cause im beside the most beautiful girl in the world.

dongster - miss, i have a problem, im a virgin. wanna be the solution?

joe shred - im the new milkman. wanna be it in the front or the back?
- hi wanna play lion-tamer? you get on all force and i'll put my head in your mouth.

loi pogi - hi the word for the day is "legs." let's go back to my place and spread the word.

christian aguilera - palimos, palimos ng pag-ibig.

judge dave - miss, may ipagtatapat sana ako sayo. ayan, nakatapat na.

humdinger - sana mapasaakin ang puso mo ngaung valentine's day. i love bopis.

gregster - excuse me miss, my friend bets that i could not talk
to the most gorgeous girl in the world, can you help me out?

maalindog na paruparo - miss, single ka talaga? wow, para kasing 5 na anak mo e.

joe shred - im like chocolate, i go straight to your hips.
- hi, wanna make porn? we don't have to record it.

ganda ko - miss, mahilig ka ba sa pansit? kasi pag kasama kita, feeling ko, lucky me.

no name - miss, no more seats available.
wanna sit on my lap and see if anything pops out?

loi pogi - ano? single pa kayong lahat? nagtataka pa kayo.

mcmacky - ate, ate, pwede makisayaw?

toink - happy valentine's miss. gusto mo manganak ng november?

joe shred - i'll make you shiver when i deliver.
- wanna learn how to box? come on, give me two blows to the head.
- i heard youre a bird-watcher. would you take this for a swallow?

wanna hear it? go here and download it.

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