February 6, 2008

digest this

i passed by the Morning Show on 94.7 Mellow and they got a very interesting topic on food. i didn't get to catch the whole talk show but i think i got some essential info about the food the we take. it has something to do of living well, stress-free and better immune system. and since today is the start of the Lenten season, fasting should be observed for us Catholics.

of course, on top of it are fruits and vegetables. we all sort of know of the "fibres" sweeping away food toxins and cleanses our body. the intake of these also slows down ageing and keeps the skin moisturized and young.

how much meat do we need to eat? according to their guest, and some of you might already know, too much red meat may increase hypertension and might help you to get heart attack earlier in your life. this includes beef. a person should only take a matchbox-size of red meat everyday in his meal. next on the meat list is pork and lastly is chicken. as many of us didn't know, we shouldn't be eating the neck and wing parts for those are the parts where animal antibiotics are injected. so everytime you eat either the neck of the wings of a chicken, you're taking in animal antibiotics.

speaking of antibiotics, it was very ironic that there is a huge number of antibiotics in the market but all of them cannot cure one thing: the common cough and cold. the only cure for it was our own defense mechanism, the immune system. so we better make our immune system strong by active hydrogen water or AH water. i never tried it because it was very new to me.

they also got this question and i hope you can answer too. i've encountered this i think in highschool and i didn't get it either:
"What is better than God, worse than the devil, and if you eat it, you'll die?"
a very tricky question isn't it? no spoilers out there. hehehe...

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