April 12, 2023

Breathe Free with LG's Duct UVnano Filter Box

Nowadays, as more and more people spend time at home or in the office, indoor air quality has become a major concern, especially in urban areas where pollution levels are high. Poor air quality has been known to lead to a variety of health problems, including allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. A lot of the recent viruses we’ve encountered, such as SARS, MERS, and just recently COVID-19, have links to bad air or circulation.

Seeing this trend, LG takes an innovative step to address the problem with its Duct UVnano Filter Box, (https://bit.ly/3FHpEnV) which effectively creates a safe indoor environment by trapping and removing various harmful substances such as fine dust, bacteria and viruses in the form of droplets. The technology involves a three-step process: the pre-filter, UVnano, and the MERV 13 filter.

The pre-filter stage acts as the primary treatment filter. It is used for pre-treatment of HEPA filter and medium filter, etc. and usually removes large particles that cause harm to the human body, such as dust in the atmosphere. It also acts as the first line of defense, protecting the main air filters from getting clogged up with debris so they can trap microscopic pollutants. Next, is LG’s acclaimed UVnano technology, which provides 99.99% sterilization capability against bacteria in accordance with TUV Rheinland Standard. Lastly, the MERV 13 Filter works to suppress risk of infection when combined with the appropriate ventilation rate. This is recommended in accordance with ASHRAE to prevent the spread of infectious disease. All three filtration processes work together in order to provide clean, safe air for your HVAC system.
Pre-filter stage
UVnano and MERV-13 Filter

Upgrading to the LG Duct UVnano Filter Box is also easy and fuss-free. It’s designed by considering reliability and safety for both users and installers. UVC exposure to end users is practically impossible since the light is only directed towards the inside of the filter box and enhanced measures are taken to prevent UVC leakage when additionally installing fully-enclosed ducting at the side of the air intake. Installers, maintenance, and service engineers are also kept safe. The filter box only operates when the indoor unit operates. So, it is possible to prevent the risk such as UVC exposure and electrical hazard when maintaining the filter boxes.

Avoid sickness and poor air quality by taking a proactive stance. Take advantage of LG’s UVnano technology today and get access to clean, pure air. For more information, visit www.lg.com/ph.

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