July 28, 2022

Optimized Commercial Cooling With LG Multi V Water IV

Now that a lot of employees and businesses are going back to offices, commercial spaces need to be adequately prepared for the influx of people. Some areas might have been able to skate by during the past few years due to the pandemic, but meticulously planned air-conditioning and indoor airflow these days are more important than ever.
LG, one of the worldwide trailblazers in air-conditioning solutions, recently unveiled a highly efficient and economical water source system with flexible installation space. The LG Multi V Water IV adopts a water source cooling method that optimizes performance and ensures heat exchange performance for high-rise buildings, thus allowing electrical-savings. This system can be retrofitted to existing high-rise buildings with large offices, commercial buildings using geothermal or water supply, and even residential buildings.

Powering this new technology is LG’s 4th Generation Inverter Compressor. The MULTI V Water IV has a high efficiency inverter scroll compressor with frequency range from 15Hz to 150Hz. It improves performance with low vibration and reduced noise. It also comes in a compact size. Thanks to optimal design, the lightweight outdoor unit enables double stacking, which results in 50% savings in installation space. It is also lighter than its predecessor, making it easier to transport and install thanks to 13% reduction in unit size and 15% reduction in overall weight.

Some of the LG Multi V Water IV’s other features include an extended compressor speed that provides rapid operation response and increases part load efficiency. It also has smart oil management built-in. Oil recovery occurs only when required and this enhances compressor reliability and user comfort. HiPOR™ is also present, which eliminates Energy loss by returning oil directly to the compressor for increased efficiency.
As an optional accessory, you can also add a Variable Water Flow Control kit. This system reduces circulation pump energy consumption. By adjusting the water flow rate as needed, you get to save both water and power. The kit lets you adjust these settings without affecting your set pressure targets.

Upgrade your commercial units to keep up with the changing times. The LG Multi V Water IV uses groundbreaking technology that lets you adapt to future technology today. For inquiries, visit the official LG website at https://www.lg.com/ph/business/inquiry-to-buy.

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