October 15, 2021

PETA Theater's Under My Skin steps into streaming platform

Not long after it started playing at the PETA Theater, Under My Skin was forced to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The advocacy play written by Rody Vera and directed by Melvin Lee comes into a revival to pursue information drive on understanding the HIV epidemic and to encourage a support system in the community for people living with HIV (PLHIV+).

Under My Skin is an anthology on the lives of PLHIV+ and narrates how a person gets it, how it changes the lifestyle and opens our eyes to how we can fight the stigma and support the person as he faces this great obstacle.

Now with the concerns of the pandemic, Under My Skin will be available for streaming via Ticket2Me.net. Running from November 26-28 and November 30 to December 5, coinciding with World AIDS Day on December 1. It will now be available to more audiences all over the world in the pursuit of reaching out to educate the whole community.

The Under My Skin streaming cast is lead by Ms. Cherry Pie Picache as Dr. Gemma Almonte, an epidemyologist understanding the spread of the HIV virus. She is joined by Eko Baquial, Gio Gahol, Mike Liwag, Jarred Jaicten, Kitsi Pagaspas, Dylan Ray Talon, Dudz Teraña, She Maala, Bene Manaois, Erold Enriquez, Jason Barcial, Joseph Madriaga, Rach Gimpes, Reggie Ondevilla, Roy Dahildahil, Gerard Dy, and Ekis Gimenez to complete the ensemble.

Under My Skin - Cherry Pie Picache

Under My Skin - Ensemble

Under My Skin was also cited to many awards in last year's Gawad Buhay awards including Outstanding Play, Outstanding Stage Direction for a Play for Melvin Lee, Female Lead Performance for a Play for Ms Cherry Pie Picache and Roselyn Perez, Female Featured Performance in a Play for Lotlot Bustamante, Kitsi Pagaspas, Gold Villar-Lim and Male Featured Performance in a Play for Eko Baquial, Anthony Falcon, Gio Gahol, Dylan Talon, and Dudz Teraña.

Tickets are now on sale via Ticket2Me.net or you can go to bit.ly/undermyskinonline. Tickets are at P180 for livestreaming or P250 for video-on-demand. You may also get from show buyers listed below.

Under My Skin is an original production of PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) in partnership with LoveYourself, The Red Whistle and Unilab.

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