September 6, 2021

Artists celebrate La Casa De Papel with paper art

I received a La Casa De Papel kit last week in preparation for Part 5 Vol 1 of the show that aired September 3 and it includes an origami kit named after the Professor. I don't have much skills in origami or paper cutting of some sort but a few artists, in partnership with Netflix, created great art with the materials inspired of course by the show.

Patrick Cabral

First was this paper mansion from Patrick Cabral with intricate borders and detailed windows for the Royal Mint. He describes it as "The embodiment of the enemy. The corrupt system. I like the juxtaposition of something so powerful with something fragile like paper."

John Ed De Vera

Next is this artwork entitled Plan Chernobyl from John Ed De Vera. He uses the symbolism of the blimp that was used (to release 140 million Euros over Madrid) as a distraction in Part 3, while the Dali Mask, as we all know, has become an iconic symbol of resistance that has inspired a lot of people to fight with the Professor and the team. The red money coming out of the blimp forms the jumpsuit holding the blimp. The overall visual imagery is my personal homage to surrealism.

Mansy Abesamis

This intricate Dali mask with the lyrics of Bella Ciao is made by Mansy Abesamis. He says, "Bella Ciao is the gang’s battle cry! It unites and makes them stronger as a unit. They’re able to overcome every challenge, every twist, every dead end because of this. And this is even reinforced by the Dali mask and the red jumpsuit – a symbol of resistance against the system. It’s also a great equalizer. It’s a reminder that the thieves and hostages actually want the same thing – to be free from the system." to describe his work. He also created a Bank of Spain paper art.

Lastly, Sarjit Singh created two pieces - The first is the Professor’s red origami bird, which has played a big role in the show from the very beginning. He, as a lover of Origami artwork, was so happy to see it featured so prominently in such a popular show, and he hopes it inspired many others to try Origami themselves.

Sarjit Singh

The second is Inspector Alicia Sierra’s teddy bear from Part 3, which she strategically used to take down Nairobi because it belonged to her son.

Vol 2 of Part 5 of La Casa De Papel will be streamed only on Netflix this December.

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