September 5, 2021

MOVIE REVIEW - Cinderella (2021)

We have seen a lot of adaptations of the fairy tale Cinderella and Amazon Prime's version takes us into a surprise. The movie that was released in the streaming app on September 3 not just gave us a dose of magic that we needed, but it livened up the senses for a musical production with a modern twist.

The start already sets the mood for a good musical with Rhythm Nation cover by the ensembles. While some songs have a pop-py arrangement like Somebody to Love, Material Girl, and more, 2 original songs are also great to hear with their unique melodies. But I'm so thankful that they stopped Pierce Brosnan to belt a tune -- which I think is an inside joke here.

Cinderella stars Camila Cabello in the title role but instead of the character that we are accustomed to, this girl has her dreams. Think about having the skills and won't really need a man and she knows how to rely on her own. Idina Menzel playing the stepmother is somewhat likable and not too mean compared to Cate Blanchett's Lady Tremaine. Media favorite Billy Porter gave his entertaining portrayal of the rather fierce fairy godmother as the Fab Godmother. Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) on the other hand, while belts out good tunes for his songs, comes as either the one being saved here. It was a very different approach on the characters by Kay Cannon which main aim is to entertain.

Nicholas Galitzine and Camila Cabello

Charlotte Spencer, Idina Menzel and Maddie Baillio

Overall, Cinderella's beguiling show also sets some underlying themes if you assess it deeper. Women making their choices, being strong and wiser could deserve a nod for many audience.

Cinderella is now streaming in Amazon Prime.

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