April 2, 2021

Godzilla VS Kong Movie review

In the next chapter of the Monsterverse,two titans Godzilla and Kong battle for supremacy and the people of the earth were caught in the balance. After Godzilla defeated its extraterrestrial nemeses, he starts his reign of terror and the people need someone for help. Legendary Picture and Warner Bros Pictures bring Godzilla Vs Kong in our screens.
When we expected a massive fight, they delivered. I think this was just the highlight of the whole movie. I'm not much of a Godzilla or Kong fan but I think the storyline involving humans were better left off. The deaf kid was more of an essential character than of Millie Bobby Brown and others.

Plus they gave Godzilla and Kong feelings, yes compassion and anger, towards humans and each other. It also introduced us into a new world where the both may have come from, somehow magical and amazing with lots of more monsters.
Kong in Hollow Earth world
Godzilla VS Kong

We can also say that the real enemy here is the humans, specifically Apex, who was in a special science project down to the core of the earth for personal gains. They also created a huge Mechagodzilla which could have been awesome however it was short-lived.

Somehow I'd like to give the credit if this was seen in IMAX or any big screen. It could have been a better experience.

Godzilla Vs Kong is now streaming via HBO Max. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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