September 24, 2019

How to schedule Instagram posts through Facebook Creator Studio?

This is the greatest update yet for Facebook page managers! If you are a digital marketer and manages numerous pages, you can definitely take advantage of this latest feature. Facebook recently rolled out that you can now SCHEDULE INSTAGRAM POST through the Facebook Creator Studio.
First, you have to have a business profile or a Facebook page. You can set it up by logging in to or creating a page.

Next, go to Creator Studio. Connect your Facebook page or pages. There's a pop-up to the Instagram page via desktop where you have to enter your log in credentials. Your page and Instagram account should be both on BUSINESS PROFILES to be able to activate the Instagram scheduler.
 Then, there's a new pop-up that you can only click OK.
If you've successfully logged in through Instagram, the Creator Studio dashboard will refresh and your IG account will appear in the list.

To post, you can choose from IG feed or IGTV and the Instagram accounts will slide from the right. Choose the account where you'll schedule your next post. The content fields will expand, write your caption, add location, drag down to select the media (photo/video) and a button will turn blue at the right corner of the browser.
Select your date of posting with the date and time you desire and click Schedule. That's it!

To verify, check the Content Library to know the status of the posts if Published or Scheduled.

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