July 24, 2018


Make time to watch Ethan Hunt's newest mission in Mission: Impossible Fallout in theaters starting tomorrow, July 25. Tom Cruise proves himself invincible in his latest death-defying stunts that you will have your mouths open as you munch your popcorn.
Don't miss any scene and make sure to pee before it starts playing. Each scene is as action-packed as the next so you cannot leave your seat. The return of Ethan and his IMF gang is more powered and I think Benji (Simon Pegg) will take a greater credit in this movie. The tactics and plans to take on the bad guys had leveled up and makes it greater than the original series.
The women of MI6 are also equipped with good fighting skills especially Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) that holds a secret to the mission. I had to look at IMDB about the other casts and surprised about Princess Margaret, Vanessa Kirby, as White Widow who showed her knife skills and maintained her composure and elegance in the movie. I almost didn't recognize her, really.
Fallout also gave very interesting twists like how Henry Cavill appeared primarily as an ally then turned out to be Hunt's enemy. He was one tough antagonist for Ethan and the plot twist is riveting.
Seeing Mission: Impossible Fallout in IMAX will be very exciting and also scary for the thrilling and explosive actions.

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