March 13, 2018

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant face-to-face at the Santa Clarita Diet Bloody Carpet Premiere

It was a happy Monday for me when I got to see Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant last night at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Fans, including I, were ecstatic to see Sheila and Joel Hammond in the flesh, for the bloody carpet premiere of the Netflix Original series, Santa Clarita Diet.
While waiting for Drew and Tim, Netflix gave away merch notebook and free Netflix subscriptions to lucky fans who can answer Gelli Victor's questions in a short Q&A game.
As they arrived, everybody was shouting in happiness and they were very accommodating to sign autographs and get selfies with the fans. Unfortunately they didn't pass in front of me but I was in front of the audience so I am a few feet away from the two actors. Drew and Tim were very thankful to everyone who made the time to attend the red carpet and have a moment with them.
Did you know that they were not first-timers in the Philippines? Drew Barrymore is in her second time here and two years ago, she was already in talks with SM to launch her company in the Philippines that promotes empowerment of women. So we're expecting to see her again in the future when the business talks are in place. Timothy Olyphant, on the other hand, spent a short of his younger years in Davao where his father worked in Del Monte Company and his great grandfather was also an engineer at the University of the Philippines.

As a warm welcome, they were offered Strawberry ice cream with gore candies like eyeballs and teeth to still be in the theme of flesh-eating show.

We were lucky to watch the first episode of season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet and I must say that I love the character developments and excited on how things will turn out in the next episodes. There is also one character which we've just been laughing or ignoring about in the past season but now we're not sure if the person will be on the Hammond's side or not.

Here's an invitation from Drew and Timothy and thanking everyone for the support to Santa Clarita Diet. Drew is aware of the traffic in the Philippines!

Santa Clarita Diet also stars Liv Hewson as Abby, Skyler Gisondo as Eric and more. Starts streaming on Netflix on March 23.

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