September 6, 2017

THE BEGUILED movie review

A quiet dorm for girls were shaken upon the arrival of Corporal McBurney (Colin Farrell) after found in the forest wounded and dying. As they were trying to get rid of him fast, the ladies had been charmed and their true colors appeared in the excitement in the presence of a man.
In this remake of The Beguiled, Sofia Coppola defines the girls as they were also seductresses to the corporal instead of him taking advantage to play with their minds and hearts. This version talks about their life before he went in, how they are very reserved and how they are longing for escape from the walls of the dorm. At least that's what we heard from Edwina (Kirsten Dunst) telling the corporal. She must've been very lonely as she is overlooking on 4 different children and acts as a teacher. However, she is also inferior to Martha (Nicole Kidman) who serves as the man of the house.
Elle Fanning somewhat gave us how ladies in their puberty are. Her young features are some what on the verge of exploding in excitement seeing the corporal. She may be the meanest in their pack but the most vulnerable.
But you got to admire Miss Martha (Kidman) here. She still maintains her composure and was able to turn things around as if it wasn't intense. It gets more exciting when they planned on their next step on how to get rid of the corporal without him suspecting.

The Southern accent is very effective on the actors. Matching with the consistency in the period with their dresses and props, it is an amazing time travel.

The Beguiled opens today, September 6. Exclusively playing at Ayala Malls, Trinoma and Greenbelt 3.

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