September 7, 2017

IT movie review

The remake of Stephen King's "IT" makes a new generation scared of clowns. Though it is set in the 1980s, Pennywise the Dancing Clown's target is the children who spend their time out being too far away and making things too much. One of which is imagining things. IT maybe what our parents warn us about talking to strangers, going out alone, or do something productive and worth our time.
You got 7 kids, off to solve the mystery of disappearing children, but also they are having a dose of the real world facing household problems and bullies. For Bill (Jaeden Lieberher), he just want to find his lost brother. Along with his friends, each come face to face with things they fear which feed the monster clown, Pennywise. The typical mix of peers, an introvert, the talkative, the rational, the joker, the genius and then mixed with a girl that will be their apple of the eye. This combo works as you'll emphatise with them all throughout. But the child who gets the most love is Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), aside from his huggable features, he deserves the love of Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis) whom he is fighting for.
Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), aside from just being everywhere a kid is scared, is more terrifying with his deep-sea shark teeth. I think I watched the trailer too much that I was no longer afraid of him during the movie. But what terrifies me is when he shakes berserk when he attacks the kids, you'll hate him when he talks and you'd like to strangle him to his death.
Also don't forget the eerie monster house that is also kind of coming from Stephen Spielberg's Monster House minus the anatomy. The abandoned house looks like it came from a children's book infested with termites and spooks. So good but it doesn't blend with the neighborhood.
Opens today in theaters, IT is distributed by Warner Bros Pictures, and directed by Andy Muschietti. If you're in for a scare, bring the kids and introduce them reality and all that scares them is just a figment of their imagination. Can't wait for Part 2.

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