July 10, 2017

Feed your skin with Dermal Infusion from Kutis Filipina

Did you know that when you wash your face with soap, you strip of its natural and outermost layer of protection from foreign objects in the environment? How about feeding your skin with nutrients that it needs that can give you a natural glow and moisturizer?

Kutis Filipina offers a great service that comes with the Kutis Classic treatment and it's called Dermal Infusion. It's a unique treatment for me and according to Dr. Laurence Tan of Kutis Filipina, it injects essential nutrients that were stripped off of your face in every washing. It is similar with the Diamond Peel but it is less abrasive, so it retains the young skin cells and at the same time, adds vitamins / minerals for your skin's natural glow.

Dermal Infusion machine
I have tried this twice already and during the first treatment, it nourished my face with Vitamin C and E and moisture. At the following treatment, we added Glutathione that is also a powerful antioxidant which can help prevent skin cancer which everybody is subject to especially when exposed to the sun. Glutathione is also a powerful ingredient in whitening for an even skin tone and erase dark spots on the face.

Dermal Infusion is also included in the annual promo of Kutis Filipina which you can avail for only Php 9,800. It covers regular facial treatments, diamond peel, radio frequency and Photo Dynamic Therapy which is more expensive when you avail individually.

Visit Kutis Filipina at Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque, Marikina City (above Omakase) or call 0917 503 8784 or (02) 646 0807 for appointment.

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