June 11, 2017

BusinessWorld launches SparkUp for young entrepreneurs and investors

BusinessWorld, the country's leading business newspaper, has began embracing the digital age for years now. And in its 30th anniversary, it engages on the young market, in the evolution of the collegiate dialogue BusinessWorld Student Forum to Bworld University and now SparkUp -- an online platform that guides millennials to properly use money and put it to good use with entrepreneurship.
The direction for a digital-first multimedia platform came from Lucien C. Dy Tioco, Executive Vice-President of Philippine Star Media Group, which BusinessWorld is part of. “SparkUp will prove to be a useful platform for business-minded millennials and centennials because it will not only serve as a source of business knowledge, but also a community where they can share ideas and inspire each other to turn business concepts into reality,” he said.
SparkUp also releases a quarterly magazine that features a thorough discussion of topics reflected on the online platform. To further guide you on the content of SparkUp, they also released themes that will make your browsing much easier:
SparkUp desktop
#MoneyMonday – Tips on money management, with the latest news on saving, investing, and spending;
#TrendingTuesday – Insights on the latest trends and their impact on entrepreneurs and consumers;
#WorkingWednesday – Workplace stories and tips for the Gen Y and Gen Z's work ethics and career outlooks;
#TakeoverThursday – An insider tour of a day in the life of the members of the Sparkommunity;
#FreshFriday – Stories on the lighter side of business

Inspiring the young entrepreneurial spirit are Sparkfluencers who discuss money and business matters which give insights for the rising Sparkommunity. In definition, Sparkommunity is both the online and offline group that are lead to the common goal of BW to inform the young ones in the field of business. They also conduct entrepreneurial summits, pocket forums, campus activations, start-up competitions, and case-study activities. These will enable members of the Sparkommunity to learn, meet up, network, and find potential partners.
SparkUp Mobile
To know more about SparkUp, visit www.sparkup.ph and follow @SparkUpPH in Instagram and Facebook. For inquiries, e-mail hello@sparkup.ph

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